The team at Thunderbolt Labs approached us to solve a few big problems with their website. First, they were looking for a better way to communicate who they are and what they bring to the table. Second, the brand was already visually strong but the website didn’t reflect consistency or the personality they embody.

We hopped in and did some light discovery to learn about the Thunderbolt Labs culture and what makes them unique. Then we presented some visual concepts to unify the website with the brand and create a much stronger visual hierarchy as visitors browse the website. Using the colors Thunderbolt had already been using, we took great liberty in designing a website that was extremely bold and in your face.

We also helped tweak their logo to focus more on the Thunderbolt name, moving the word “Labs” below the word “Thunderbolt,” making it more impactful on its own.

In addition, because Thunderbolt’s team speaks at a lot of conferences and writes quite a bit, they wanted us to help bring the focus to their blog, which we affectionately labeled the “Thunderblog” for obvious reasons.

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