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The Cornerstone of Running a Digital Agency

by imbradmiller - When your main focus is client services, you need a vision to distinguish yourself from competitors. You need the skills and knowledge to excel in your work. You need to hire the right team to execute on your vision. You need to impress your clients time and time again. You need to build up a…

Using GitHub for Project Management

by chriswallace - Update (September 2016) Github has released projects and reviews, two features that implement many of the things we needed when this post was first published. Many of the projects below are no longer recommended since Github now offers these features directly. Have you ever thought about trying to centralize your project management process using GitHub? It…

Web Tools & Services for a Virtual Development Company

by chriswallace - I read a post by Coyier outlining the web services he pays for accompanied by a neat little table outlining his monthly expenses for each. I wanted to respond to that post outlining the services we subscribe to for comparison.