Category: Strategy

The Cornerstone of Running a Digital Agency

by imbradmiller - When your main focus is client services, you need a vision to distinguish yourself from competitors. You need the skills and knowledge to excel in your work. You need to hire the right team to execute on your vision. You need to impress your clients time and time again. You need to build up a…

The Connection Between Customer Service and User Experience Design

by imbradmiller - It was a rare day off. Though, it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping to be doing with my newfound free time. Riding a jet ski, flying to New York for a long weekend–that’s what I would’ve preferred. When I found out the car needed an alignment, I told my wife I would take the…

Regarding Agencies and Pricing

by chriswallace - I recently read a nice article regarding pricing and we’ve gone through a few different methods of pricing here at Lift. I wanted to share some of our secret tips and tricks that we use to trick convince our clients to pay us well.