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by chriswallace - Every so often, there comes a time to make one or more major decisions to refocus on the thing that’s most important. Over the past year, it has become obvious that we need to bring clarity and focus to our team. This means removing distractions that prevent us from achieving goals we’ve set our sights on as a company. Ultimately, we came…


by chriswallace - At Lift UX, we’ve been operating as a remote team since 2010, the day my business partner, Brad, packed up his family and headed south for sunny Florida. Shortly after, my family migrated south to McKinney, Texas, famously noted as being the #1 place to live in America in 2014 according to Money Magazine. Since…

The Official Lift WordCamp US 2015 Recap

by chriswallace - This post describes my experience at the inaugural WordCamp US. If you're trying to decide whether to attend next year, this review may hopefully make your decision just a little bit easier. I'll describe some of the logistics of it all as well as some historic landmarks to visit and "can't miss" places to eat.

Using GitHub for Project Management

by chriswallace - Update (September 2016) Github has released projects and reviews, two features that implement many of the things we needed when this post was first published. Many of the projects below are no longer recommended since Github now offers these features directly. Have you ever thought about trying to centralize your project management process using GitHub? It…

5 Tips to Improve your User Experience Design Process

by chriswallace - One of the fastest-growing techniques in web design and development is an increase in empathizing with the intended or current audience of a website or application. Today, I want to give you 5 tips that will ultimately make you a better designer and set up a framework for building apps and websites for real people.

Web Tools & Services for a Virtual Development Company

by chriswallace - I read a post by Coyier outlining the web services he pays for accompanied by a neat little table outlining his monthly expenses for each. I wanted to respond to that post outlining the services we subscribe to for comparison.

Regarding Agencies and Pricing

by chriswallace - I recently read a nice article regarding pricing and we’ve gone through a few different methods of pricing here at Lift. I wanted to share some of our secret tips and tricks that we use to trick convince our clients to pay us well.