The right size team for any size project.
We work with large and small organizations to create apps and web experiences in a constantly changing landscape.



Through research and planning, we can help you sort through confusing data to address big challenges.

  • Design Exploration
  • UX Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes


Our multi-disciplinary team takes ideas from birth to launch to ensure the highest quality product.

  • WordPress Development
  • UI / UX Design
  • JavaScript Development
  • Product Design


When you need to get back on the right track, our team is here to provide design & development disaster recovery.

  • UX Review
  • Performance Review
  • Development Support

Our Story

Lift UX was formed in 2009 when Brad Miller and Chris Wallace cast a vision of a user experience company focused on simple design and smart engineering. In just the first few years, we helped companies like The Next Web, IFC, AMC tv, Sundance Channel and more realize the power of true user experience design.

Fast forward to today and our team has crafted web and mobile experiences that have changed lives, won awards, and earned multiple Emmy® Award nominations. As it turns out, solving user problems is a noble mission to undertake.

Another major storyline in Lift UX history is the impact of an open-source Content Management System called WordPress. Our team has designed and developed WordPress themes used by thousands of sites around the world through UpThemes, a WordPress theme company founded in 2010 and sold in early 2016.

Lift UX acquired ChurchThemes in 2014 and launched a hosted church website service called Faithmade in 2015. Armed with a passion to help churches and non-profits grow online, Faithmade offers the tools to set up an effective website in just minutes.

Our Core

Communicate early and often.

Poor communication is the top cause for project failures. We make it a point to overshare and avoid any breakdowns to ensure expectations are clear and deadlines are met.

Assume good will.

When working with a team, every member wants to ensure we're doing our best work. Aligning everyone towards a common goal is key to ensuring project success.

Fight for the user.

When hired to improve a user experience, we fight for the end user at all times. Business goals and rules must always align with an optimized UX.

Keep it simple, stupid.

Even when there's complex logic involved, we must make it invisible to the user.

Collaboration makes everything better.

We don't create user experiences in a silo. We talk to stakeholders and users to design effective solutions.

Iterate quickly, fail inexpensively.

We assume that not everything we design works perfectly the first time. Our goal is to make small failures that lead to big success.

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