2016 has been a defining year for us. We added two new team members, had a fun and productive all-team gathering, defined our team’s core values, which ultimately provided direction for our brand overhaul, and released our new website.

In terms of client success, we worked closely with Silver Chalice as their exclusive design and development partner on relaunching an all-new built specifically to handle millions of visitors participating in over 3000 live college sporting events each year. We successfully redesigned and developed their website and launched it on the VIP platform.

We also partnered with GoDaddy to launch their Managed WordPress Hosting with 10 beautiful new WordPress themes created for small businesses. It is exciting to see them utilized by thousands of small businesses around the world every day.

In terms of ongoing partnerships, we continued to work with AMC Networks on their digital press kits for various television shows. This year we released mini-sites for Ride with Norman Reedus, Halt & Catch Fire, Rectify and Hap & Leonard.

This year was also great for our portfolio of products. We launched Remote Jobs and released a major update for allowing non-profits to take advantage of our easy-to-use hosting platform. We’ve also been working on a new hosting architecture using Rancher to set up a faster, more scalable server setup. Also, we had a successful exit after 6 years of running UpThemes when we sold to Andy Wilkerson (Parallelus). This allowed us to refocus on our consulting business and put more time into new initiatives.

We are quite proud of our team’s accomplishments in 2016 and excited for what’s to come in 2017. Below is a collection of quotes from the team on this year:

“2016 has been quite the year. We launched some big projects and had the opportunity to create those experiences using awesome new technologies. I truly enjoy honing my craft and the diversity of our clients, and their big dreams, has allowed me to add new skills, and further refine others. Our team grew a bit, and we are better for it. I enjoy working and collaborating with our whole team, and they got me through some tough requirements and aggressive timelines. It feels great to succeed alongside a talented and driven set of individuals who inspire excellence. In the coming year, I look forward to a new a set of challenges and the opportunities to grow both as a person, and as a team, that flow from them. Wishing our readers a Happy Holiday and a healthy and prosperous New Year.”
Christian Chung

“I joined the Lift UX team in August 2016 and have loved it! Even before I joined I was able to work on our partnership with GoDaddy on a new group of themes that provided a new product for businesses. Working with Campus Insiders has been a cool experience that has allowed me to work on some very new technologies and methods of implementation. Wrapping up the year with work on our church site builder, Faithmade, has been a huge win for me as I love working with nonprofits and is part of the reason I joined Lift UX as we prioritize nonprofit and faith based companies and services. Looking forward to 2017!”
Matt Pritchett

“What a year! I am so grateful to have joined the Lift team. It’s been exciting to work on a variety of projects; wireframes, UI, UX, email design, WordPress, Icon Design, even PowerPoint presentations! hee hee All of these projects have allowed me to grow and better my craft. I am also thankful to work with a team that works amazingly together. It’s rare to see a team work so flawlessly and I’m proud to be a part of it. In 2017, I’m looking forward to working on awesome new projects, learning more, and being there for the team. Here’s to 2017!”
Gedy Leon

“This year was my 5th anniversary with Lift and yet again we had some really exciting and challenging projects to work on. The Campus Insiders rebuild was a project that pushed me personally and brought our team to a new level by giving us the opportunity to experiment with newer technologies and create a platform that can be experienced by anyone, at anytime. I’ve personally grown through this and other projects by being challenged to create new solutions to problems we’ve encountered as a team and improve our ability to present creative solutions to our clients. I’m looking forward to hitting the ground running in 2017 and exploring new ways that we can push the limits of our collective skills as a team.”
Anthony Garand

“Reflecting on 2016, whew a lot was accomplished! Here’s a few of my highlights. It was awesome to launch an ecommerce site of over 600 products ( Starting a new brand, has been fun stirring up all of our passions of working remotely.  One of my favorite things this year was guiding new users of our church / non-profit platform on how to use their website and help them get their new website up and running within a week. Oh and I don’t want to forget putting an updated flare of awesome to our own site. All these in mind, one memory that was especially special was our team meet up, where we had nerf wars, brain storms, and lots of yummy food. It’s been a lot of fun crushing projects in 2016 and I look forward to streamlining more projects in 2017. I’m most excited about creating a zip-lined setup for Faithmade to get a Faithmade site up faster than a speeding content bullet. Here’s to 2017!”
Angela Crist

Happy Holidays from Brad, Chris and the Lift UX Team.

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